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The Tarantula is a docile spider that lives in the burrows in the ground, and they hunt their prey instead of waiting for something to fly into their web. Mostly the spiders are feared by the majority, and they are likely to send people running off in fear, but they this species makes a great pet. Their docile nature makes it easy to take care of them since they are easy to feed and they do not take a lot of space.

The Tarantula is in many species that originates from the United States, and there are over 800m species that are documented all over the world. These spiders are larger and hairy, and they can have a leg span of up to 11 inches. They may be terrifying to some people, but they are very friendly to humans. They have venom, but it is very weaker than that of the bees. Due to their harmlessness, they have become so popular across the world.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of Tarantula species, it is only a few of them that can make an ideal pet for a beginner. The list below consists of the best species for a beginner;


This species is one of the best picks for a beginner. It originates from Chile, and they live in Bolivia and Argentina. This species has a brown body and bright pink fur covering, and this is easy to spot them. Most beginners are very concerned about the aggressive Tarantulas, but this specie is very calm. The only this species becomes aggressive is when they are angry or when they are not handled properly. This species is hardy, and it is famous for adapting to new environments, and they can survive harsh conditions; this makes it easy to take care of.

A mature pet can grow up to the size of 5 inches, and they make the ideal choice for lovers of moderate size. This specie is also loved due to its long lifespan, which enables the owner to enjoy a long relationship with their pet. Under good care, a female Tarantula can reach up to two decades and more. The females can live up t seven years under proper care. If you have them in your house, you will notice that they grow slowly, which makes them a great value for your money.

 It is advisable to select a larger tank that is more than three times as wide as its legs span due to its easy movement and comfort. You should fill this tank with a thick substrate of around 2 inches. It is important to also provide a hiding spot where they can hide whenever they feel threatened or hide during the cold nights and chilly mornings.


Just like the name suggests, this species originates from Arizona, Mexico, and California. This species stands out due to its acentric blonde complexion on some body parts and limps, while the rest of it is a mixture of brown on the abdomen and black on the femurs. They have a leg span that can reach up to 5 inches, and they also have a long lifespan, with the females living up to 30 years and males ten years. They are among the long-living species, and they are ideal for beginners since they assure the owners of a long-lasting relationship.

Just like other common tarantulas, this species is a peaceful and does not have any aggressive behavior. If you are looking for apices that are peaceful and will not scare off your visitors, this is the ideal choice. However, the females have mood swings, and this is the only concern with this species.   Whenever this species is on defender mode, they usually raise their frontal legs and flick their hairs. This species can comfortably fit in five gallons tank, but you should ensure that it has a lid. This is because they are natural climbers and can easily escape if you leave it open. Also, avoid using thin wires in their tank since they can easily get stuck in tiny spaces. You should consider using a thick substrate of about 3 inches since they tend to climb and drop back to the cage, and them seems to be an exciting exercise for them.


 This is another species of Tarantula that is beginner-friendly. This species is one of the dwarf species of spider with an average size of 5 inches and a weight of one ounce. This species is very popular among beginners due to its hardiness and gentle nature. It also becomes beautiful to see due to the beautiful and colorful fur that covers its body. This species also has some golden hairs that catch the attention against dark-colored and round bodies. The ideal size of this species is a 5 to 10 gallons tank since they are not so big.

This species also has a long lifespan while the males have a longer one. The females can live up to a decade while the males live for up to four years, and this assures the owner of a long-lasting relationship. Apart from the looks and calmness of this species, most beginners prefer this species due to the ease of taking care of them. They are not expensive to maintain, which can be discouraging to beginners. This species has a moderate rate of growth, and they are not hostile. This species can only turn hostile if they are handled roughly or if there is the presence of a predator.

The main benefit of this species is that they are easy to find, and the young ones come as freebies which makes the process of acquiring one affordable. Despite the fact that they are hardy and can easily adapt to a new environment, they need the best conditions to thrive. The tank should have dry bedding in the larger part of the enclosure and a small swamp section where they can cool down. The average temperature in the tank should be around 80 degrees F, and if you choose to begin with hatchlings, it is important to provide a thick substrate in the tank for them to dig.


Just as the name suggests, on the toes of this tarantulas toes you will notice a pink color. This species originates from South America, and they are generally arboreal, which implies that they live on trees and not on the ground like most of the members do. This species has varied subspecies, and you can choose any of them. They are unique, and they stand out among others. Unlike the other species that are comfortable and outgoing when touched by humans, this species is skittish. It will take some time to establish trust with this spider, and this is why it is crucial to handle it with care at the beginning since they will interpret rough handling as aggression.

The pink toes have speed also, and it is advisable to keep monitoring them closely to ensure they do not escape. Unlike most of the species in this family, the pink toe is fast-growing, and you will not have to wait for long before having a mature pet. It is advisable to go for a young one since they have a fast rate of growth instead of going for an adult. It also helps the owners, especially beginners, to have experience in taking care of hatchlings. The only disadvantages of this species with a fast rate of growth are they have a short lifespan. This means that the female who is popular for living long might die before reaching a decade.


This Tarantula species is also referred to as the dark Chilean Rose by some spider lovers. The two belong to the same genus and are easy and cheap to maintain. This species is a slow mover, and therefore, you need not worry that they will slip over your hold and disappear. This species a glossy black and chunkier compared to roses, and this makes them and of the adorable Tarantula. Unlike their brown counterparts, this species is also stunning and elegant. They are meek, polite, and slow to anger. Most of the keepers love them for their ease of handling, and they do not show any sign of aggression.

If you are in search of a larger spider pet, the Brazilian Black is the ideal choice since they grow up to an average size of 8 inches at sexual maturity. They have a slow rate of growth, and this means they have a long lifespan compared to many other species of the same family. A long lifespan is so crucial since it assures the owner of a long-lasting relationship as long as they are taken care of well. The female can outlive most of the known pets, and the male can live beyond one decade.

They are ideal for beginners, and they prefer acquiring them as hatchlings and watching them grow for decades. The slow rate of growth can be advantageous and can as well be disadvantageous because it makes them expensive. This is because it takes time and patience to keep them to adulthood.


The Pumpkin Patch Tarantula consists of all species under the Hapalopus genus. They are small than the average Tarantula, and this explains why they are considered a dwarf. This species grows to an average size of 3 inches in length, and they need a one-gallon tank. This spider is ideal for those beginners who do not have a spacious room in the house. They are not as bristly as most species are, but they are still of unique color. The eggs of this species are generally a solid orange-brown color, and the body is black with orange patches, which gives it a pumpkin patch pattern.

This species can be small in size, but they still have a long lifespan. This makes them also a preferred choice among the beginners and other keepers since it assures them of a long-lasting relationship. The females can live for an average of a decade while the males live for up to 4 years under optimal care. This species being so small in size they require a diet of small insects and fruit flies instead of that of larger crickets and mealworms. This species is easy to maintain and take care of, and it’s a great choice for those who love small spider pets. The average cost of this species is between 25 to 45 dollars.


This tarantula species is a native of the dry areas of Venezuela. The desert and harsh environment in its habitat have made it hardy, and it can survive in harsh environments. This species has an attractive appearance, and this makes them appealing to most beginners. It is among the most beautiful tarantulas in the world. On the abdomen, it has a bright orange coloration, while on the long appendages, it is bright blue, and its carapace has a blue-green layered hue. This species has an incredible character besides the great and amazing cocktail of colors. This species is among the friendliest species of tarantulas.

Generally, this species has a long lifespan, just like the freak, with the female having the longest of above one decade while the male lives for less than ten years. At maturity, this species can grow for up to 10 cm. This site is pretty big, and this means that you need to provide a spacious tank so that they can be able to move freely without feeling congested. Besides the size, they are easy to take care and maintaining them is cheap. They are not so demanding, and you only need to provide for their daily needs, and you will realize it is great value for money in the long run.

 On the floor of the tank, you need to provide a dry substrate that does not need to be sprayed every time, only a few times a week. It is important to provide a humid tank since it helps the web, which makes it look great. You can also go ahead and put on anchors to help hold the spider’s silk sturdy. This species is ideal for beginners, and it can easily be found from most breeders.


The Pink Zebra Beauty species is popular among spider lovers due to its beauty, thanks to its elegant characteristics. It is the most preferred to only for its appearance but also due to its temperament. It is evident that this species has a gentle nature and it has  good interaction with people, and it will allow handling as well. They can only show some act of aggressiveness in a few instances. You will only find this species getting aggressive when there is some danger, and they will have to defend themselves.

 This species is also easy to take care of since the only care they need is basic care; in the wild, this species survives at an average temperature of approximately 60 degrees F, and they can also thrive at room temperature. This species naturally originates from an area that experience high amount of rainfall, and therefore, they need plenty of water for hydration. Regardless of all that, this species is hardy and will easily adapt to a new environment with less difficulty.

 This species has a slow growth rate, and this means that if you choose a hatchling for your tank, you will need a lot of time and patience before they reach maturity. This is especially if you want to keep them for breeding which cannot happen until they are mature. However, it makes an ideal choice for beginners regardless of the age since most of them are not keep on breeding them about just the experience.


The Chilean Flame is a bit smaller and lightweight compared to the Chilean Rose. The average size of this species is four inches when fully grown, and this makes it ideal for beginners who would want not-so-big pets. The small size makes it easier to take care of since it does not need a lot of space. This species is gentle and adorable with a friendly nature. This species is very curious and will always try to get your attention and even make physical contact. If you are looking for a social buddy to share with your family and friends, the Chilean frame is the ideal choice.

 This species is less demanding and easy to take care of; it will give a beginner an experience on how to take care of spiders with less pressure. However, in the tank, you need to provide a thick substrate and a water bowl for their water needs. The average temperature that this species thrives at is between 70 to 80 degrees F all year round. During the cold season, it is, therefore, advisable to provide a heat source in the tank. You also need t to provide a cool place in the tank so that they can retreat whenever t becomes too hot, and they need to relax.

 When the cold season approaches, this species can lose appetite and reject food completely. This is a natural characteristic that helps survive in the wild, but as a beginner, it might be shocking. They are slow, very rate in the market due to t the strict measures that are in place to curb overexploitation of this species. They can, however, be found by reputable breeders.


This Tarantula species is also known as Mexican Beauty, and it is commonly found in the desert regions of South West Mexico. It is a new world Tarantula, which does not have a dangerous venom as that of the deadly spiders. However, the cultivating hair can cause some ailments when it comes into contact with the skin, and some of the symptoms include; redness, itching, and hives. This species is docile, and this makes it convenient for beginners. The juveniles of this species are a bit aggressive, but as they age, they quiet down.

 When it matures, this species can grow to an average size of five inches. This species is famous for having a long lifespan, with the females living for up to three decades while the females can attain thirteen years. This is so advantageous to the keepers since they are assured of a long-lasting relationship. This species is easy to breed since the females lay many eggs, which they keep in silk bags.

After laying eggs, the female then takes care of the eggs against any Predator until they hatch. This species prefers to scare you rather than bite, but their venom is mils and does not have severe heathy problems. This species can easily be found by an authorized spider dealer. They are ideal for beginners.


This is another giant species that grows to an average size of inches in length. This species has a long lifespan, but they take a lot of time to grow to maturity. It will take years to maturity, and this means that if you choose a hatchling, you will have to wait for a little longer before they can be ready for breeding. This species has a calm personality, and they make an ideal choice for a beginner. They are also friendly, and there are very few cases of hostility unless when handled roughly. They allow handling without displaying aggression, and they can even be handled by kids.

As a beginner, if you are in search of a Tarantula species that can display and show off, this is the ideal choice for you. This species is also preferred by beginners because they are readily available in the local pet stores and are very affordable. The average cost of one species is 10 dollars. They are very playful, and they need a substrate in the tank so that they can dig. It is advisable to add a four-inch-thick substrate in the tank that is moist on one end so that they can cool whenever the day is hot.

Despite the fact that we can say they are not aggressive, their nature varies. It is advisable to always handle this species with care because any time they are handled poorly and roughly, they will turn and become aggressive.


This species originates from Guanacaste in Costa Rica.  This species has unique patterns. Their upper shell is typically back in color, dark purple or brown. The name zebra comes from stripes on its legs. Their legs are otherwise black in color and they also have some light brown hairs on these legs. This specie is hardy and can easily adapt to new environments. They are easy to take care of, and they do not need a lot of attention.

This species is very docile and friendly to humans. This species will rarely display any sign of aggressiveness toward humans unless they are under threat. They have an average lifespan of 15vyrears which is quite okay for a beginner, and the average cost of getting one is 25 dollars.


The Curly hairs are named after their long, slightly curved hairs that cover their legs and some parts of their body. These bristles are often black or brown in color, but they can also have a golden sheen. This species is ideal for beginners. They are mainly preferred for first times since they are docile. They also have a low maintenance cost. Being hardy, they will easily adapt to the new environment and can survive harsh conditions. They are also calm, and they enjoy sitting on your hand or on your arm.

The curly hair Tarantula is a ground-dwelling spider that originates from Costa Rica. They do not need a tall tank, but the tank should have some hiding spots such as locks and laves where they can rest whenever they need some privacy, and they will live happily. This species loves sitting at one point for a long time, but you will often notice them hunting and arranging their tank. They are the best choice for a beginner who wants a quiet spider at an average cost of 20 to 50 dollars,


The Mexican Red rumps are named for the red coloring that is on their abdomen. The rest of the body is usually dark brown or black in color. This species lives in areas of low dry vegetation, and this allows them easily dig tunnels. This species is a burrowing Tarantula, and they are known to make extensive tunnel systems in the wild. As a pet, they will require several inches of substrate in the tank to enable them to dig the tunnels.

This species is docile and hardy, which implies that they adapt easily to new environments and can withstand harsh environments. They need a tank that is at least 5 gallons. From time to time, this species may accept gentle handling, but most of the tike prefer to remain out in the open. This spider is ideal for beginners since they are easy to take care of, and the maintenance cost is low. The average cost of the Mexican Red rump is 25 to 50 dollars.


The skeleton Tarantulas are named after the white stripes that run down their legs. Their body can either be black or white in color, which adds to the skeleton’s appearance further. This species originates from South America but is commonly found in the Brazilian Amazon as well as the French Guinea rainforest and grasslands. This species is ideal for beginners since they are easy to keep and they require minimal cost and effort to maintain. This species is not picky and will eat a variety of prey. This species can be aggressive and defensive, and therefore, handling should be minimal.

This species is ideal for the keepers who have no plan to handle or interact with their spider pets. Under proper care, the female can live for up to 15 years while the males can live for three to four years. The average cost of this species is between 50 to 80 dollars.


Care Requirements

Some Tarantulas are easy to take care of, while some require special care, which can be so much for a beginner. As a beginner keeper, you should go for one that is easy to take care of to help make your experience stressless and worthwhile.


There is a variety of Tarantulas species, and there are some species that are rare to find and can only be found from a specialist breeder. As a beginner, you should go for those species that are readily available instead of taking months looking for a perfect pet. The readily available will be easy to take care of since their requirements will be available to most pet stores.


 The ideal choice for beginners should be those that are docile and slow-moving. This is because they will rarely be aggressive to owners. This makes the cleaning of the tank easy, and handling will be easy without any issue.


As a beginner, you will be surprised to find out that some species are very expensive compared to others. It is, therefore, important for a beginner to go for those that are less expensive with reasonable prices.

Adult size

The Tarantulas are available in different sizes, and there are those that are small and the larger. As a beginner, you should consider buying a moderate size species as a pet since the bigger ones need some experience and are costly to maintain.


Generally, the Tarantulas are interesting spiders to keep as a pet. They are easy to take care of, they bring a lot of joy and fun into the house, and the experience will be enjoyable. Due to their affordability and ease of maintenance, they make the ideal pets for beginners. There are some that are open to handling it while others are not. It all depends on your expectation as a keeper.

This guide has provided a variety of species that you can choose from according to your needs. They are worth every time and money for the spider loves and you should try one.

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